Glass Tinting

You can purchase tinted glass in stores as decor or even kitchenware. However, wouldn’t it be more practical to tint the old glass you already have sitting around the house? It is always a refreshing feeling when you find ways to use items you already own, isn’t it?! I came across a blog post on Pinterest and decided to give it a whirl, not sure what to expect from the outcome. I was pleasantly surprised!

Tinting glass is easier than it may seem. It also has many perks that make it a better option than trying to find a collection that matches the look you are hoping for. Tinting the glass yourself will allow for different shapes of jars and bottles, and also different shades of the color or colors you use. Materials needed include: glass jars or empty wine bottles, food coloring, mod podge, wax paper, and a baking sheet. First, you will need to mix the desired amount of food coloring with mod podge in a bowl. This step is where you have the ability to decide how dark or light you would like your glass to be colored (water can be added to dilute the food coloring for a more pastel shade.) The mixture of food coloring and mod podge can then be poured into the glassware. You will need to move the glass in every direction to make sure the color is evenly distributed inside. Once evenly distributed, the glass should be placed upside down on the baking sheet that is lined with wax paper. The last step in the tinting process is baking the glass for about 45  minutes at a low temperature (200°-250°).



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